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Putina Consulting – a modern Ukrainian HR consulting company. Our main specialization – TOP managers’ selection, of the Middle level and specialized experts to businesses, government agencies and individuals. We use modern technical means with curriculum vitae accumulation and work which always allows clients to meet expectations from cooperation.

In an effort to be as useful as possible for our clients, we constantly update the list of services, taking into account market potential.
Thanks to a stable quality and efficiency in work we have established ourselves as a reliable and effective HR partner for Ukrainian and foreign employers.

The company provides free career guidance training seminars in schools for students
Our partner TeComUkraine - licensed employment abroad
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Our clients

To employers

Putina consulting
Offers you a range of services in hr issues solving
  • Recruiting
  • Executive Search
  • Head Hunting
Process / valuation

We fully appreciate your staffing needs, we study the specifics of your company’s work: business, history, structure, clients and corporate culture, philosophy and style. At this very stage we sign a cooperation agreement. Result –we build the image of a suitable employee together.

Process / search

We analyze the labor market according to your request. We identify potential candidates at the job market. Search for matching contacts is carried out using our own candidates database, workhouse sites resources, professional and social networks, professional forums, authoritative experts recommendations, etc. Result – building a CV base of the project for a further evaluation.

Process / identification

We choose the best CVs and contact with candidates, conducting initial telephone screening. The strongest are invited to a private meeting in the office of the company. Result – we select the best candidates preliminarily.

Process / engagement

We emphasize the benefits of your company to the candidate, thus increasing the motivation of the successful professional to work for you. Result – the development of a positive image of your company in the market.

Process / determination of quality

We appreciate personal and professional characteristics of the candidates. In the evaluation process, we use various techniques, including role-playing, psychological testing, structured interview for competencies: metaprograms analysis, linguistic analysis of speech, contingency and projective interview. We collect characteristics from previous jobs, get an additional information, check the data. Result – we create a list of final candidates for reviewing.

Process / presentation

We provide a package of documents for each candidate, including: CV, detailed characteristics, results of previous jobs reference checks. Result: you get comprehensive candidates assessments, forming a personal opinion on each of them.

Process / acquintance

We strive to minimize resources cost on your part, laying all the efforts to organize meetings with candidates on ourselves.

Process / reconciliation and further cooperation

We help the final candidate to complete legally employment relationships with a current employer. We ethically inform the rest of the candidates on refuse of their candidature. We monitor the newbie position entering process, support him during the adaptation period. At this stage, we sign documents for this project. Result: our candidate quickly and efficiently performs his position duties, reaching tasks you have set.

To job seekers

Attach your CV

The process of considering your candidacy is started by sending you’re the CV to a particular position or to the CV base of the agency through our website, any workhouse site, LinkedIn, social networks.


Your CV is considered by a specialized agency  recruiter within 3 working days for your professional experience, education, etc. correspondence to the Employer’s requirements.


If your CV corresponds the Employer requirements, we suggest you to go through a phone interview. The consultant is supposed to ask you some basic questions before deciding to invite you for a personal meeting.


Conducting the interview in the office of the company using various valuation techniques, including test methodics and business games Our recruiters are aware of the intricacies of your professional field that will allow you to determine whether you fit in this position, to learn fresh trends of your field, and outline your career prospects. You are given the name of the company-employer. Be prepared for the fact that the Agency, as well as Employer himself is considering several candidates for the position, respectively, for a long time, you can not get an answer from the recruiter on the decision for this vacancy.


Recruiter reports that the Employer is interested in your candidacy and would like to meet you personally. Agency prepares you for this interview, agrees a date and time convenient to both parties.


After the final interview the Agency expects a feedback from the Employer of his choice. You get a call from a recruiter about starting to work or a letter of refusal on your candidacy. We consult you how to quit your current job legally, take an active role in coaching and putting in the new position. We strive to make you satisfied with your choice!


Putina consulting
In reliance on the employers partnership offers consultancy service while job placement process for:
Medical personnel bachelor degree, doctors different specializations
Horeca, hospitality workers

Useful information

Win the final interview – obtain your desire job

Job seekers on our consultations ask for an advice: what should they do in order to win a job competition. We always underline the significance of motivation to obtain this position. Summing up, if your CV was already selected by recruiter, you had received our call, – it means, your education, working experience, skills mostly are fit to the employer’s expectations. But during a meeting with recruiter you should demonstrate something else to persuade him to give you precedence.

Let’s show your motivation to work exactly on this position in this company. Win Sheffield from “The Five O’Clock Club”, the company that main specialization is carrier consulting, proves “an employer wants the candidate who wants only his company to be a working place”, “If candidate’s behavior looks frozen while a job interview, this candidate will behave himself at the same way on meetings with our clients, is it not acceptable”, tells Cynthia Bragdon, the owner of Urban Indigo.

Your motivation you can show in different ways:

– you can prepare the schedule of stories that will illustrate yours skills and way to react on tasks. It is better to use the descriptive form, not conclusions. Accurate conclusion will be made by recruiter,

– tell directly that you are extremely interested to obtain position in this company not another, are you dreaming to continue your professional way in this business sphere. For instance, our client, the brokerage company, had invited our candidate without sphere experience in the past to obtain they position. Before this candidate persuaded the employer, he came twice to job interviews from another city, telling while the interview that this sphere was always attractive for him and does not looking for other offers till will not receive the final company’s decision (as sure we should mention, this candidate had an appropriate skills according our testing evaluation and after job placement he did the best and finally had passed a trial period).

Besides job interview you can inquire they expectations “which candidate will be the best for your company”, also your motivation will be shown y respecting deadlines (if the home task was the one step of evaluation among other).

Contents of the resume: what does a recruiter want to see here

How does a recruiter percept the information within resume: me and my colleagues share one view – the worst content in resume first of all is:

  1. when candidate makes grammar mistakes in the text,
  2. when candidate forgets putting a contact information,
  3. candidate does not write the last working place (or experience, if candidate has no official working place) and we can see big gap in data.

What recruiters prefer to see in resume first of all: the perfect correspondence of working experience, personal characteristics and motivational frame. But also:

  1. full resume with all necessary items, that will show the charge of candidate through his work searching process,
  2. the written income expectations, hobbies.

Your weaknesses – common question while job interview: how to answer in correct way

This question you can get while a job interview bу a recruiter. Our suggestion: you should not be worry and pay unnecessary attention to an answer. Often the goal of this question is just to receive opportunities to evaluate your system of quantities, your personal way to assess people, the recruiter tries to understand are you able to take responsibilities so on.

In reality lots candidates have brain freeze with this question, being afraid to lose good impression earning while interview.

How to respond decently:

  1. Let’s use your sense of humor and relax the atmosphere. Your answer should display your weakness in advantage way.
  2. Also you can mention the weaknesses that less influence to your work results, diverting the conversation away.
  3. Talking about your weakness let’s show how you were able to clear the hurdle and how you learned to manage it. For instance, if in the past you forgot to complete some tasks, but started planning your daily activities, – as the result – recently all tasks you complete in time.


“If you hire people just because they can do this job, they will work for your money. If you hire people who believes in what you do, they will work for you full-hearted, with pleasure and burning eyes”
Simon Sinek
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